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Buy To Let Properties For Sale In Manchester

Here at Portfolio8 we’re experts when it comes to buy-to-let property investments in Manchester and throughout the North West. Our team of property experts understand the requirements of investors when it comes to finding the right buy-to-let investment for your property portfolio.

Browse our buy-to-let property investments in Manchester below, where you’ll find a range of available properties in sought-after postcodes. Our buy-to-let properties in Manchester range from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom houses, as well as spacious, modern city centre studio flats.

Manchester Buy to Let Property Market

Manchester has long been one of the best places for buy-to-let investors and with average yields of over 6%, there are plenty of opportunities for property investors to get in on the action. As well as robust rental yields throughout the region, Manchester also benefits from one of the UK's levels of capital appreciation. In a recent Zoopla Report (June 2022), Manchester was ranked the country's third-highest capital appreciation, with annual house prices in Manchester showing a year-on-year increase of 9.6%. 

So, why should you consider Manchester as the location for your next property investment?

A recent report from the Office of National Statistics, looking at UK house prices over the past 20 years (2002-2022) showed that over this period Manchester had experienced the highest level of capital appreciation in its property prices. Over the twenty years, the price of the average property in Manchester has increased from £48,845 in 2002, to over £210,000 in 2022. This represented a percentage increase of over 330%!

Whilst it obviously far more difficult to predict future property prices in the city, the increasing level of structural demand, driven by lower levels of supply and increasing population undoubtedly present a positive framework for clients looking to purchase a buy to let property in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Buy-to-Let Student Accommodation in Manchester

Crowned as one of the best types of buy-to-let property, student accommodation is in constant demand and is one that investors can take advantage of. As the student population continues to grow across Manchester universities and their surrounding areas, so does the need for suitable and modern student housing.

Key to the appeal of investing in student property in Manchester is the city's considerable student population, which is currently estimated to be in excess of 100,000 full-time students across three leading universities. 

Residential Buy-to-Let in Manchester

When it comes to residential buy-to-let, the doors are open to a wide range of tenant types, from first-time buyers and families to graduate students and young professionals.

Here at Portfolio8, we have a diverse range of buy-to-let properties available from studio flats, to three-bedroom apartments and our portfolio of property investments in Manchester provides a variety of options in great locations around Manchester.

Why Invest in Manchester Buy-to-Let Property Market?

Aside from healthy yields and competitive property prices, Manchester as a place of business and leisure is giving bigger cities such as London a run for its money.

Manchester is flooded with culture, which is clearly visible by its architecture, football clubs, film and TV industry and its endless choice of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops. This and more has seen Manchester contribute a huge £56 million to the economy.

Rent across Manchester has increased by 30% over the last four years and even the boroughs themselves have seen considerable growth over the years. This includes areas such as Salford, Trafford, Bolton and Stockport which have seen rent increases between 11% and 20%.

Want to find out more about the Manchester Buy-to-Let market?

If you have seen a property that’s caught your eye or you would like to find out more about Manchester’s growing rental market, get in touch with our team who are happy to answer all of your questions and get you started with your Buy-to-Let investment in Manchester.

Get in touch

For more information on our buy-to-let property investments in Manchester please contact our team on 0161 537 2727 where we can provide you with details for individual developments or provide you with advice and help when investing in your next Off-Plan or Buy-to-Let property.

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