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Location Overview

Perfectly located just less than 5 minutes drive from Manchester city centre, the suburb of Gorton is an area which is becoming increasingly popular with investors seeking to capitalise on Manchester city centre's rapidly increasing expansion eastwards. Characterised my larger family residential properties, Gorton looks set to benefit from considerable capital appreciation in property values as increasing levels of investment come into the area.

Recent figures from Propertydata show a year-on-year increase of over 14% in the prices of property in the Gorton area. Whilst this considerable level of growth is unlikely to be sustained in the long term, it is probable that Gorton will benefit considerably from the increased investment levels throughout the area. 

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Investment Properties in Gorton



  • Asda
    Reddish Lane, Audenshaw - 0.31 miles
  • Tesco Extra
    Hyde Road, Hyde - 0.51 miles
  • Sainsbury's
    Oldham Street, Denton - 1.28 miles
Things to do

Things to do

Gorton has a rich gothic Victorian aesthetic and although Gorton no longer has it’s ever-famous Belle Vue Zoological Gardens, it does still have plenty of opportunities for families to enjoy fun days out visiting animal enclosures and vibrant gardens and green spaces to settle down with a picnic and relax. Gorton naturally is close by the popular attractions Manchester has to offer, as well as it’s own such as the Debdale Outdoor Centre and Gorton Market.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Gorton has plenty of local food cuisines to cater to any taste. With a range of 5-star rated places to eat on Trip Advisor, you can enjoy any type of food from Italian to Indian cuisine, Gorton is no stranger to good food. If you fancy finding your next local, Gorton’s main high street has a variety of welcoming pubs, bars, and cafes.

Hospitals and Doctors

Hospitals & Doctors


  • Family Surgery
    Gorton Road, Stockport - 0.92 miles
  • Park View Group Practice
    Longford Road, Stockport - 0.93 miles
  • Levenshulme Health Centre
    Dunstable Street, Petersfield - 1.39 miles


  • Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
    Oxford Street, Petersfield - 2.56 miles
  • St Mary’s Hospital
    Oxford Road, Manchester - 2.56 miles
  • Manchester Royal Infirmary
    Oxford Road, Petersfield - 2.64 miles
Schools and Univertsities

Schools & Univertsities

Primary Schools

  • Denton West End Primary School
    Balmoral Drive , Denton - 0.71 miles
  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
    Higginson Road, Reddish - 1.38 miles
  • Audenshaw Primary School
    Ash Street, Audenshaw - 1.65 miles

Secondary Schools

  • Reddish Hall School
    Denstone Road, Reddish - 0.99 miles
  • Reddish Vale High School
    Vale Road, Reddish - 1.54 miles
  • Audenshaw School
    Hazel Street, Audenshaw - 1.89 miles


  • Denton Community College
    Elm Grove, Denton - 1.7 miles
  • Hyde Community College
    Old Road, Hyde - 3.3 miles


  • University of Manchester
    Oxford Road, Manchester - 2.94 miles
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
    All Saints, Manchester - 3.19 miles
  • University of Salford
    Crescent, Salford - 4.77 miles

Property Data for Gorton

Gorton - House Price Growth

DateCapital GrowthChange
May 2022£150,31914.4%
May 2021£131,434-4.2%
May 2020£137,1467.3%
May 2019£127,84021.5%
May 2018£105,25015.1%
May 2017£91,415

Gorton - Rental Yields

BedroomsRental Yields

Gorton - Average Sold Prices

1£32,500 (1)N/A£157,000 (1)£173,000 (1)
2£90,625 (2)£120,618 (54)£121,600 (5)£186,500 (1)
3N/A£145,579 (35)£168,561 (26)N/A
4N/A£175,750 (8)£222,500 (2)N/A
5N/A£295,000 (1)£274,000 (1)N/A

Gorton - Average Rental Prices

1£624 (1)N/AN/AN/A
2£713 (2)£742 (9)£763 (2)N/A
3N/A£880 (5)N/AN/A
4N/A£1,036 (2)N/AN/A

Property statistics provided by PropertyData.

Property Data