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Location Overview

Petersfield is in the centre of Manchester and can therefore offer a lot to its residents. It is sometimes also dubbed the Exhibition Quarter due to the number of exhibition, conference and concert halls in the area. The Beetham Tower, which is home to the Hilton Hotel, dominates the skyline of Petersfield as it is the tallest building in the UK outside of London.

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  • Tesco
    Quay Street, Castlefield - 0.16 miles
  • M&S
    Quay Street, Spinningfield - 0.28 miles
  • Sainsbury's
    First Street, Castlefield - 0.29 miles
Things to do

Things to do

Manchester once had four Roman settlements and whilst little remains, there is a Roman Fort that can be seen on Liverpool Road. Manchester Central is one of the main exhibition centres in the area which hosts a massive range of events. For music lovers, a trip to Bridgewater Hall is not to be missed as it is Manchester’s main classical music venue and home not only to the world famous Hallé orchestra but also a 5,550 pipe organ.

For a breath of fresh air, pay a visit to St John’s Gardens and make the most of the green space, floral arrangements and open air.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants & Bars

There are some fantastic pubs and bars in Petersfield all serving a wide range of drinks as well as food. There are also several luxury hotels in the area, including the Hilton, Midland and Palace Hotels. Not only are they wonderful places to stay, they also boast great bars and restaurants.

There are gourmet restaurants nestled in amongst chains, fast food and international cuisine, making sure that Manchester always has something to offer every taste and budget.

Hospitals and Doctors

Hospitals & Doctors


  • Samedaydoctor Manchester
    Queen Street, Spinningfields - 0.14 miles
  • The Doctors Practice
    St John Street, Spinningfields - 0.21 miles
  • City Health Centre
    Market Street, Petersfield - 0.35 miles


  • Pall Mall Medical
    King Street, Spinningfields - 0.28 miles
  • Manchester Royal Infirmary
    Oxford Road, Petersfield - 1.28 miles
  • St Mary’s Hospital
    Oxford Road, Manchester - 1.43 miles
Schools and Univertsities

Schools & Univertsities

Primary Schools

  • New Islington Free School
    Hugh Oldham Way, New Islington - 0.95 miles
  • St Anne’s Roman Catholic Primary School
    Carruthers Street, Manchester - 1.25 miles
  • Primrose Hill Primary School
    Phoebe Street, Salford - 1.34 miles

Secondary Schools

  • Trinity Church of England High School
    Higher Cambridge Street, Spinningfields - 0.89 miles
  • Manchester Academy High School
    Moss Lane East, Petersfield - 1.42 miles
  • Oasis Academy MediaCity
    King William Street, Salford - 1.53 miles


  • Manchester Metropolitan University
    All Saints, Manchester - 0.59 miles
  • University of Manchester
    Oxford Road, Manchester - 0.92 miles
  • University of Salford
    Crescent, Salford - 1.11 miles

Property Data for Petersfield

Petersfield - House Price Growth

DateCapital GrowthChange
May 2022£228,155-1.4%
May 2021£231,4343.1%
May 2020£224,4249.0%
May 2019£205,860-4.4%
May 2018£215,42910.2%
May 2017£195,548

Petersfield - Rental Yields

BedroomsRental Yields

Petersfield - Average Sold Prices

1£176,000 (5)N/AN/AN/A
2£183,659 (22)£208,167 (3)£156,875 (4)N/A
3£180,300 (2)£245,000 (2)£196,500 (2)N/A
4N/AN/A£230,000 (1)N/A

Petersfield - Average Rental Prices

1£921 (123)N/AN/A£883 (24)
2£1,217 (172)N/A£949 (2)£1,238 (31)
3£1,518 (8)N/A£1,200 (3)£1,499 (6)
4£3,146 (2)£2,301 (2)£1,395 (1)£1,395 (1)

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