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Location Overview

Located about seven miles almost South of Manchester city centre, modern Wythenshawe essentially dates back to the 1920s.  It was intended to be a “garden city”, but ultimately turned into what was once Europe’s largest council house estate.  Now, it’s a mixture of local authority and private housing with demand from both renters and buyers.

Wythenshawe is served by both the regular Metrolink and the tram system.  This allows residents to get to Manchester city centre in about half an hour.  They can get to Manchester Airport in about 20 minutes.  Wythenshawe also has plenty of local buses and extensive road connections.

This green, suburban neighbourhood is south of Manchester city centre and just north of Manchester airport. Wythenshawe is known for its affordable family homes and easy access to the rest of south Manchester and Cheshire.

With great links to the M56 and lots of good schools to choose from, Wythenshawe is a great place to live, work, and commute from.

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  • Tesco
    Altrincham Road, Wythenshawe - 1.05 miles
  • Asda
    Hollyhedge Road, Wythenshawe - 1.19 miles
  • Aldi
    Altrincham Road, Wythenshawe - 1.2 miles
Things to do

Things to do

Wythenshawe is mainly residential, but there are a few shops, community centres, play areas, and parks dotted around. It’s a remarkably green area - you and the dog have got Wythenshawe Park & Gardens, Baguely Park, Rodgers Park, Painswick Park, and more to choose from.

Wythenshawe is just a 15-minute drive from the centre of Altrincham, a market town with an award-winning high street. There’s also a cinema, ice rink, arts centre, and plenty of bars and restaurants. Manchester city centre’s theatres, nightlife, and attractions are just 30 minutes away too.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Wythenshawe has a few Chinese and Indian takeaways to choose from, as well as some local pubs. There are more restaurants in neighbouring Altrincham, which is home to Italian, Thai, American, Japanese, and more.

Hospitals and Doctors

Hospitals & Doctors


  • Northenden Health Centre
    Palatine Road, Wythenshawe - 0.41 miles
  • Northenden Group Practice
    Palatine Road, Wythenshawe - 0.45 miles
  • Baguely Clinic
    Hall Lane, Wythenshawe - 0.62 miles


  • Wythenshawe Hospital
    Southmoor Road, Wythenshawe - 1.23 miles
  • University Hospital of South Manchester
    Southmoor Road, Wythenshawe - 1.25 miles
  • Spire Manchester Hospital
    Barlow Moor Road, Manchester - 1.8 miles
Schools and Univertsities

Schools & Univertsities

Primary Schools

  • St Aidan’s R C School
    Rackhouse Road, Wythenshawe - 0.56 miles
  • St Aidan’s R C School
    Rackhouse Road, Wythenshawe - 0.56 miles
  • Rack House Primary School
    Yarmouth Drive, Wythenshawe - 0.67 miles

Secondary Schools

  • Pioneer House High School
    Yewtree Lane, Wythenshawe - 0.83 miles
  • Piper Hill High School
    Firbank Road, Wythenshawe - 1.17 miles
  • St Paul's Catholic High School
    Firbank Road, Wythenshawe - 1.21 miles


  • The Manchester College
    Sale Road, Wythenshawe - 0.59 miles
  • Sale Grammar School Sixth Form
    Marsland Road, Sale - 2.18 miles
  • Parrs Wood Sixth Form
    Wilmslow Rd, Manchester - 2.24 miles


  • University of Manchester
    Oxford Road, Manchester - 4.79 miles
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
    All Saints, Manchester - 4.97 miles
  • University of Salford
    Crescent, Salford - 5.75 miles

Property Data for Wythenshawe

Wythenshawe - House Price Growth

DateCapital GrowthChange
May 2022£197,3684.0%
May 2021£189,76710.7%
May 2020£171,3656.0%
May 2019£161,6535.0%
May 2018£154,0071.8%
May 2017£151,241

Wythenshawe - Rental Yields

BedroomsRental Yields

Wythenshawe - Average Sold Prices

1£60,000 (1)£145,000 (2)£177,475 (2)N/A
2£127,000 (11)£203,811 (33)£203,574 (17)N/A
3N/A£202,518 (59)£235,119 (91)£291,013 (8)
4N/A£196,250 (2)£255,939 (9)£332,631 (8)
5N/AN/A£495,000 (2)£502,500 (2)

Wythenshawe - Average Rental Prices

1£576 (1)N/A£550 (1)£523 (4)
2£877 (10)£949 (3)£959 (5)£860 (6)
3N/A£1,101 (2)£1,028 (10)£1,049 (2)
4N/A£1,200 (1)£1,049 (1)N/A

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