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Little Hulton

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Location Overview

Little Hulton is just nine miles from Manchester and has the neighbouring towns of Farnworth and Walkden nearby. Little Hulton started life as an overspill estate and has since grown into its own community. Its history is firmly rooted in the coal mining industry and is now awaiting the investment that many surrounding areas have enjoyed.

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  • Morrisons
    Armitage Avenue, Little Hulton - 0.27 miles
  • Farmfoods
    Armitage Avenue, Little Hulton - 0.28 miles
  • Asda
    Brackley Street, Farnworth - 1.46 miles
Things to do

Things to do

Little Hulton promotes the quiet life, but there are cricket and bowling clubs to join. There is also an amateur rugby club for those wanting more activity. The Air Cadets Air Training Corps meets in the area to provide young people with another avenue. The green space of Madam’s Wood provides a good spot for dog walking and relaxing. It has a traditional shopping centre and the local Conservative Club plays host to events in the area.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants & Bars

The Antelope was formerly a public house but has now been converted into a well regarded Indian restaurant. There are other restaurants in the area offering tradition foods such as carveries and cafes. Worsley and Eccles are not far from Little Hulton and offer a wider variety of venues for those who want it, and a short trip to Manchester opens up a whole world of restaurants and bars.

Hospitals and Doctors

Hospitals & Doctors


  • Dearden Avenue Medical Practice
    Dearden Avenue, Little Hulton - 0.2 miles
  • Cleggs Lane Medical Practice
    Cleggs Lane, Little Hulton - 0.26 miles
  • Salford Primary Care Together
    Haysbrook Avenue, Little Hulton - 0.31 miles


  • Woodlands Hospital
    Meadowsweet Lane, Little Hulton - 0.43 miles
  • Royal Bolton Hospital
    Minerva Road, Bolton - 1.25 miles
  • Hulton Hospital
    Hulton Lane, Bolton - 2.55 miles
Schools and Univertsities

Schools & Univertsities

Primary Schools

  • Wharton Primary School
    Rothwell Lane, Little Hulton - 0.5 miles
  • St Edmunds Roman Catholic Primary School
    Bridgewater Street, Little Hulton - 0.77 miles
  • St. Paul's C of E Primary School
    Worsley - 1.42 miles

Secondary Schools

  • Harrop Fold School
    Hilton Lane, Worsley - 1.03 miles
  • Bolton Muslim Girls' School
    Swan Lane, Bolton - 2.38 miles
  • Fred Longworth High School
    Printshop Lane, Tyldesley - 2.64 miles


  • Bolton College
    Deane Road, Bolton - 2.81 miles
  • University Technical College Bolton Sixth Form
    Deane Road, Bolton - 2.82 miles
  • Rumworth 6th Form
    Vernon Street, Bolton - 3.6 miles


  • University of Bolton
    Deane Road, Bolton - 2.71 miles
  • Bury College University Centre
    Market Street, Bury - 6.5 miles
  • University of Salford
    Crescent, Salford - 7.19 miles

Property Data for Little Hulton

Little Hulton - House Price Growth

DateCapital GrowthChange
May 2022£251,7985.7%
May 2021£238,2598.3%
May 2020£220,0473.4%
May 2019£212,788-1.3%
May 2018£215,5028.1%
May 2017£199,377

Little Hulton - Rental Yields

BedroomsRental Yields

Little Hulton - Average Sold Prices

1£119,167 (3)£97,000 (1)N/AN/A
2£130,679 (14)£178,540 (92)£197,390 (41)£218,250 (8)
3£242,150 (4)£219,780 (58)£256,001 (160)£277,551 (34)
4£190,000 (1)£355,728 (9)£351,184 (25)£482,696 (54)
5N/AN/A£486,200 (10)£785,167 (12)

Little Hulton - Average Rental Prices

1£594 (1)N/AN/A£477 (1)
2£698 (7)£947 (10)£881 (3)£893 (8)
3£921 (2)£1,192 (3)£1,076 (3)£1,083 (5)
4N/AN/A£1,573 (1)£1,917 (3)

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