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Location Overview

Closer to Wigan than Manchester, Atherton is a town that was once thought of as a centre for collieries, cotton mills and iron-works. As those industries have diminished, Atherton has reinvented itself as a retail centre, and is actually the third largest in Wigan. Its bustling lifestyle, strong levels of employment and being home to a number of independent businesses make it a great place to live for both young and old.

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Investment Properties in Atherton



  • Heron Foods
    Market Street, Atherton - 0.07 miles
  • Tesco
    Crab Tree Lane, Atherton - 0.15 miles
  • Asda
    Bolton Road, Atherton - 0.32 miles
Things to do

Things to do

There is a small pedestrian shopping centre in Atherton, with most shops around the Market Street area. The area proves popular due to the number of independent retailers it has. Atherton has two semi-professional football teams as well as a cricket club which gives sport lovers something to watch and do.

There are a number of older buildings of historical interest including Alder House, Chowbent Chapel, St John the Baptist’s Church and Chanters Farmhouse. The social club in the area stems from the Atherton Botanical Garden Club.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants & Bars

As a large town, Atherton has a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars for residents to enjoy. There is everything from takeaways to fine dining on offer, with a lot of oriental and Indian food to enjoy. There are a number of lovely pubs to visit whether it’s for social drinks or a meal, as well as some charming cafés which provide great meeting spots during the day.

Hospitals and Doctors

Hospitals & Doctors


  • Seven Brooks Medical Centre
    Church Street, Atherton - 0.14 miles
  • Meadow View Surgery
    Nelson Street, Atherton - 0.42 miles
  • Intrahealth Atherton
    Nelson Street, Atherton - 0.42 miles


  • Woodlands Hospital
    Meadowsweet Lane, Little Hulton - 2.77 miles
  • Hulton Hospital
    Hulton Lane, Bolton - 2.86 miles
  • Royal Bolton Hospital
    Minerva Road, Bolton - 3.27 miles
Schools and Univertsities

Schools & Univertsities

Primary Schools

  • Atherton St George's Church of England Primary School
    Derby Street, Atherton - 0.39 miles
  • Chowbent Primary School
    Atherton - 0.41 miles
  • Tyldesley Primary School
    Astley - 1.72 miles

Secondary Schools

  • Atherton Community School
    Hamilton Street, Atherton - 0.18 miles
  • Fred Longworth High School
    Printshop Lane, Tyldesley - 0.89 miles
  • St Mary's Catholic High School
    Astley - 2.34 miles


  • University of Bolton
    Deane Road, Bolton - 4.04 miles
  • Bury College University Centre
    Market Street, Bury - 9.23 miles
  • University of Salford
    Crescent, Salford - 9.49 miles

Property Data for Atherton

Atherton - House Price Growth

DateCapital GrowthChange
May 2022£146,6972.4%
May 2021£143,2501.1%
May 2020£141,6541.3%
May 2019£139,8438.1%
May 2018£129,39311.6%
May 2017£115,979

Atherton - Rental Yields

BedroomsRental Yields

Atherton - Average Sold Prices

1N/A£90,000 (2)N/AN/A
2£91,267 (9)£117,987 (87)£156,773 (11)£180,250 (2)
3N/A£140,866 (35)£166,630 (74)£258,838 (13)
4N/A£174,000 (3)£277,558 (6)£363,136 (18)
5N/AN/A£311,500 (2)£401,875 (4)

Atherton - Average Rental Prices

1£442 (3)N/AN/A£464 (2)
2£594 (1)N/AN/A£662 (9)
3N/A£693 (1)£849 (2)£859 (5)
4N/A£1,101 (1)N/AN/A

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