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Home improvements to increase the value of your home

Published: 6th September 2018

Home improvements to increase the value of your home

Home improvements can be grouped into two basic categories. The first category is home improvements you undertake essentially to improve the quality of life in your home and the second is home improvements you undertake to add value to your home.

There can be quite a bit of crossover here, but you need to be careful. Essentially, any improvement you make will only add value to your home in the eyes of a buyer if it fits in with the buyer’s lifestyle. Here are five suggestions as to home improvements which will actually increase the value of your home.

Cover all your practical bases

Before you get carried away with creative ideas as to how to increase the value of your home, remember that good houses are built on solid foundations and that similarly, good home valuations are built on the assumption that the house is in good working order throughout. In other words, before you look at any of our other suggestions, think about essential features of your home such as exterior boundaries, doors, windows, central heating, plumbing and wiring.

On the subject of wiring, if you do decide you need to have your home electrical wiring redone, it could be a great opportunity to install telephone and internet wiring at the same time and perhaps have extra sockets/points for each room in your home. Remember that WiFi is actually based on wired connections and also that some people have a preference for cabled connections or a need to use them, for example, if you work from home and depend on the internet, a wired connection can be a safer option than WiFi.

Create more usable space

Whether it’s converting a loft or just finding a way to turn a disused nook into a useful storage area, anything which increases the amount of usable space in your home is likely to increase its value. When it comes to big projects, such as loft conversions and extensions, if you don’t want to undertake them yourself, for whatever reason, a good approach would be to get planning permission so you can show prospective buyers that they can definitely go ahead and do the job themselves.

This is, obviously, much more reassuring than just being told that there should be no issue with getting planning permission. Similarly, if you’re in a leasehold property, see if it would be useful to renew the lease before putting your home on the market.

Improve energy efficiency

Generally speaking, residential property is sold partly on facts and partly on feelings and measures which improve energy efficiency usually appeal to both of these approaches. It’s a fact that improving a home’s energy efficiency lowers the home owner’s energy bills and it’s a fact that most measures which improve a home’s energy efficiency also reduce its environmental impact, hence appealing to the values of many modern buyers. While we’re on this topic, you might also want to look at ways to make your home “smarter” as people are becoming increasingly used to intelligent homes and intelligent devices are often more energy efficient and hence more environmentally-friendly.

Invest in a steam shower cabin

Undertaking an extensive remodel of a bathroom can be expensive and inconvenient, but just updating the appliances without changing the plumbing can really transform a bathroom at a reasonable cost. If you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, then you probably want to stick to lower-priced updates such as new fittings (especially new taps), a new toilet seat and a new shower curtain (especially if the existing one is looking the worse for wear).

If, however, you have a bit more budget and/or are not planning to move in the immediate future and like the idea of updating your bathroom anyway, then think of adding a vanity unit to a wall-hung sink or swapping out a pedestal sink for a vanity unit.

If you have a bit more budget, consider swapping out a standard shower for a steam shower cabin, in fact if your bathroom is small, you may even want to think about swapping an existing bath for a steam shower cabin. Steam shower cabins are self-contained, so you don’t need to worry about tiling, and they offer a whole lot of luxury and functionality in a very small footprint. They aren’t the cheapest updates, but they are a whole lot cheaper than a full bathroom remodel and can really bring in the “wow factor” to your bathroom.

Update your kitchen sink

Completely refurbishing your kitchen prior to selling your home can be a risky decision, because even though everybody needs to eat, people can have very different ideas about what they, personally, want in their kitchen and, hence, may not be overly impressed with your renovation, so it’s probably best to leave the “big-ticket” items well alone.

One safe point, however, is that everyone is going to need a kitchen sink and in most kitchens there’s only one place for that kitchen sink to be without undertaking replumbing, which, as we’ve already mentioned, is expensive and inconvenient. Therefore, updating the kitchen sink could be a good move and if you don’t want to do that, then simply updating the taps on your sink could be enough to impress a viewer. Similarly, updating the hardware on your cabinets could give them a new lease of life at a mover-friendly cost.

If you found this article useful and you are considering selling your Manchester property then please contact our local area experts at Indlu who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, why not use our free online valuation tool to see how much your property is worth!

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