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Simple decorating ideas to breath new life in to your home

Published: 6th September 2018

Simple decorating ideas to breath new life in to your home

When you decide to put your home on the market, you generally want to avoid spending any significant amount of money on anything which will stay in your current home. You should, however, be prepared to allocate a small “marketing budget” to some easy and affordable cosmetic upgrades, which can look very appealing to buyers and can more than recover their purchase cost and implementation time by making your home quicker and simpler to sell and potentially achieving a better price for it.

Start with paint

Just refreshing the paint in your home can do wonders for its visual appeal. When preparing to sell your home, however, you want to stay away from strong colours (in pops or otherwise), accent walls, ombre effects or basically anything other than plain white or magnolia. This is not only a neutral canvas, it is a neutral canvas which reflects light and hence makes a room seem bigger. The only exception to this is if using paint strategically could help to make your room look better-proportioned, for example, using horizontal stripes to make a wall look longer or vertical ones to make it look higher. In this case, grey and white would probably be your safest combination.

Refresh your textiles

Curtains, bedding, pillowcases and towels can all be bought affordably and/or taken with you when you move. Again, you generally want to stick with neutral colours and patterns. Usually the idea here is to update the textiles to give the room a cohesive look, which is particularly important if you’re natural style is Bohemian or otherwise eclectic.

It’s absolutely fine to embrace a look which breaks all the design rules when you’re dealing with your own space, but when it comes to selling a property, it’s generally best to play safe. Apart from anything else, rooms which look cohesive also tend to look bigger and that can be a major plus point in today’s smaller homes.

Deep clean your carpets and rugs

If you’re moving, then you probably don’t want to invest in new carpet and while, technically, you could take a new rug with you when you move, the fact is that a rug which is suitable for one space may be completely inappropriate in another and, unlike the textiles mentioned above, it can be inconvenient to store a rug until it is sold. Organising a professional deep clean for your carpets and rugs can, however, literally make them look like new (or pretty close to it) at a much lower cost.

Use mirrors strategically

If you are interested in interior design, you probably know that interior designers love mirrors because they reflect light. If you are interested in photography, you probably know that photographers hate mirrors because they reflect everything.

The key to using mirrors, therefore, is to place them where they will reflect a scene which is at least neutral, if not actively attractive. Avoid placing them where they will reflect unattractive items (such as your neighbour’s washing line or your communal bin area) since this will just draw the viewer’s attention to something you’d rather not highlight.

Streamline your artwork

When you prepare your home for sale, you will need to remove anything which stamps your individual personality on it. At the same time, however, you can use well-chosen accessories to enhance your home. These days it’s very straightforward to create effective-looking art with just a smart phone and a printer (or a trip to a print shop). The trick is to go for easily-photographable subjects (ones which stand still and, if possible, ones that can be photographed indoors).

If necessary, undertake some basic photo editing using one of the numerous free programmes available for this. Alternatively, head to a site such as WikiMedia where you can legally download a selection of images (some of which are of a very high standard). You can print out your masterpieces on regular paper since they only have to last a short time and put them into affordable frames which, again, you can take with you or resell.

Bring in natural elements

We strongly advise you to avoid real flowers at all costs as they can trigger pollen allergies, but in general adding natural elements to a home can really help to make it visually appealing and create a “stylish but relaxed” vibe. Foliage plants are an excellent choice but if they’re not for you and you don’t want to spend money on fake plants, then even pictures of plants can enhance a space. Alternatively, use food items for display, for example, a colourful bowl of fruit in your living room and some fancy bread rolls in a basket in your kitchen.

If you found this article useful and you are considering selling your Manchester property then please contact our local area experts at Indlu who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, why not use our free online valuation tool to see how much your property is worth!

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